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Pro-Life-Cherry-Picker “Investigates” State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s Receipt of Community Service Award in Cathoic School Basement


State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz

(Chicago, IL) — November 4, 2009. From the Department of Kid-You-Not, a Pro-Life Cherry-Picker has launched an “investigation” to determine how State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) received a community service award in the school basement of St. Clement’s Church in Chicago.

“Catholic columnist” Matt C. Abbott revealed in a blog post at Renew America on October 30 the emerging “investigation” of the “scandal” from the e-mail of some self-appointed snoop with a knot-in-their knickers.

The black-helicopter conspirator crowd can only froth at the following:

“The Lakeview Action Coalition, reportedly a grant recipient of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, on Oct. 22 gave an award to pro-abortion Illinois State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz at the school associated with the notoriously leftist St. Clement Church.

A source active in the pro-life movement said in an e-mail:

‘After three weeks of phone calls to various archdiocesan offices before the event, the $65.00 per plate fundraiser for the Lakeview Action Coalition took place at St. Clement in Chicago. This is where Sara Feigenholtz received her award [named after the Rev. Gregory Dell, incidentally], despite the recent commitment from Cardinal George to support a ban on big-name pro-abort honors at Catholic churches.

‘I am now in the investigation phase of this matter and getting the big run-around of excuses from bishops, pastors and others of how the matter got missed. So far, it sounds like Jimmy Lago [the chancellor] made the final call to go ahead with the event as he felt it would be a greater scandal to cancel the event soon before it happened. When I originally called St. Clement to verify the event taking place, no one knew anything and it did not show up on their schedule (of course)!’

Frankly, the “It’s too late to cancel the event now” and “We didn’t know anything about it” excuses are getting very old. But, hey, this is the type of thing that occurs when we have spineless, heterodox, politically-connected bureaucrats running the show in some of the dioceses.

Sadly, a pro-abortion politician being honored on parish grounds is apparently no big deal to the powers that be. And, of course, the leftist “mainstream” media don’t give a damn — that goes without saying…”

Feigenholtz received an “affordable housing award.” She got it for her efforts to help secure $144 million for affordable housing construction money during the spring legislative session, money that will create homes for the poor, homeless, and downtrodden served by groups, such as, well–Catholic Charities of Illinois.

That’s worth “three weeks of phone calls”?  “Investigation”? Has this person all their light-bulbs screwed in tightly? Sheesh.


The anonymous Pro-Life Cherry-Picker is picking on Feigenholtz because she is a pro-choice–or “pro-abort” per the picker. Why Cherry-Picker?

Because opposition to the death penalty is the other key plank of the Catholic pro-life agenda.

“We cannot overcome crime by simply executing criminals, nor can we restore the lives of the innocent by ending the lives of those convicted of their murders. The death penalty offers the tragic illusion than we can defend life by taking life.”
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, A Good Friday Appeal to End the Death Penalty (Washington, DC: USCCB, 1999)

Feigenholtz opposes the death penalty. The veteran-lawmaker and Chair of the House Human Services Appropriations Committee supports an important Catholic life position.

No matter.

For the Pro-Life Cherry Picker, the life glass is half-empty, not half-full. Rather than embrace and cheer a supporter of a key Catholic life agenda item, they berate and “investigate” Feigenholtz and church officials–but for a community service award granted by a secular community group in a school basement?

Uh, huh.

No wonder why Chancellor Jimmy Lago is ducking that call. Smart guy.

About David Ormsby

David, a public relations consultant and Huffington Post blogger, is an ex-Press Secretary of the Illinois Democratic Party.


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